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Chicago, TBA, 2024
Maggie Daley Park
337 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601
Check in: 11:00am, Start 12:00pm

Adventure Information

Race headquarters:

Sherlock Urban Adventure Race is where being a sleuth can beat speed. Teams consisting of two members compete to find and solve clues throughout the city.  This is accomplished by finding checkpoints and using wearable NFC technology to retrieve clues taking photos as proof. The amazing race in Chicago. The beauty of Sherlock Urban Adventure is your team explores the city learning and experiencing so many wonderful nuggets the city has to offer.


Check in begins at 11:00am up until the start of the race. Sherlock Urban Adventure gear must be wore throughout the duration of the race unless your team has a spectacular costume. Also, cellphones are used to take phots to verify check points and also serve as a good tool for navigation.  Also, maps are helpful. We recommend also bring a pen and pad to take notes and a water bottle for the trip.


First, clue sheets are distributed to each team. Feel free to call your friend family for tips and clues.  On checkpoints that require a photo you must take a photo of both team members and a photo of the checkpoint.  Teams must compete together. As we have designed the course that require team photos. Participants may drive, use public transportation, walk , run or skip. Specific checkpoints require your book stamped to move on to the next checkpoint. Clues and checks points can range from sack races, finding hidden gems in Chicago, eating intestines in China Town and more!  The race is designed to be finished in 2 hours and most will finish under 4 hours. Our job is to create a fun, challenging, safe course allowing participants to explore a world class city while having fun!

Location                   Date

Chicago, IL               TBA

Tampa, FL                TBA  

Tempe, AZ                TBA

Austin, TX                 TBA 

Atlanta, GA               TBA

Los Angeles, CA       TBA

Washington D.C.      TBA

Philadelphia, PA       TBA

Seattle, WA               TBA

Minneapolis, MN       TBA

Toronto, ON              TBA

Boston, MA               TBA

Portland, OR             TBA

New York, NY           TBA

Madison, WI              TBA

Denver, CO               TBA

San Francisco, CA    TBA

Houston, TX              TBA

San Diego, CA          TBA

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