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What is Sherlock Urban Adventure Race?

Sherlock Urban Adventure Race is a race were teams use their brains and brawns competing against the clock for prizes. Clues are hidden throughout the City and teams of two must use their skills to locate them. Teams use wristband contactless NFC technology to retrieve clues while also timestamping them on the blockchain through innovative technology. Teams may even have to complete a challenge to successfully move to the next clue. There are no defined routes to find each challenge.  In fact, teams may event call others for help. Clues are spread over a 5 mile radius. The goal of Sherlock Urban Adventure Race is to be the first team to find all the clues in the shortest period of time and win cash prizes. Teams complete the clues in within 2 to 5 hours. After 5 hours the event is over.


​​Interactive Reality Game

Sherlock Urban Adventure race is one of the first interactive blockchain reality games. The game uses proprietary technology created by Lux Payband enabling racers to get clues using NFC Technology and time stamp clue retrieval on the blockchain. Creating a fun interactive reality game played in Cities across America. Specifically racers uses proprietary NFC contactless wearable technology and their cellphone to make a fun interactive game. Be sure to have your batteries charged and safe toting.  



How long will the race last?

The time limit to complete the course is 5 hours. Top finishers complete the course in two hours.


​​Are cameras provided?

No. However, all cell phones have digital cameras and can be used as team will uses the phone NFC.  It is not the quality of the photo but the fact the photo was taken.  As each team must take a photo of each task or clue to successful complete the task.  So make sure the picture did take and the phone has a strong battery.  As if the camera breaks, is lost or did not take you did not complete the task. No exceptions.

I am new to the city. Can I compete?

Absolutely! The goal is to use your mind.  Think quick and you can beat a city born competitor.



What types of clues will I be completing?


Sherlock was the world's greatest detective.  So, you will be challenged with a variety of tasks.

Cranium Teasers: Riddle me this, riddle me that...

Puzzles: words with friends, crosswords, anagrams and the likes.

Physical Feats: Lift water bags, bury your friend in sand, eat food, body pyramids or compete against your competitors. Did we mention canoeing, archery and a wide range of events.

Dare: Fun with city residents


What if we can't locate the clue?

Take a deep breathe and think. If you need to call someone do not hesitate. Ask questions of city dwellers.  Don't be afraid. If all else fails watch your competitors as someone is going to find the clue. What is the fun if not one can find the clues. 

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