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Explore the city!

Sherlock Urban Adventure Race is an exciting urban interactive reality race were teams compete to find 12 clues dispersed throughout the city. In fact, the race is one of the world's first interactive reality games using proprietary wearable NFC and blockchain technology enabling guests to read clues and time stamp clues found on the blockchain created by Lux Payband. Sherlock Urban Adventure is named after Sherlock Holmes the fictional detective. Holmes is famous for his astute logical reasoning and use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases. Similarly, teams must use their "mettle and muscle" to find clues or complete physical challenges. The method of locating the clues are left to the discretion of each team. However, choose wisely as one mistake and you have lost time to your competitors. Thus, the goal is to find all the clues faster than your competitors.  #gamefi #PYBC

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